Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Direction

Gas Station Postcard?: f/22. 1/30, iso 100, 24-105@45mm
I've been on a mini-hiatus since returning from Colorado. It seems to me that I need a little more direction in what I want to do next. I have two more photoshoots lined up and a couple more possibilites but nothing long term at this point.

Thesedays, my life is comfortable; Phisically, emotionally, and to some extent financially I am comfortable. It's probably the most comfortable that I've ever been ever. So, although I haven't accomplished fame and success, I've been thinking that I should stop and think about some of my values.

While in Colorado, I've sort of made up my mind that I want to be somewhat more activist on some social issues in general, but particularly in environmental issues. I really think public will around the globe is too weak for politicians to care much about ecological problems. I really think we need more stringent eco regulations and policies. I'd like to do a theme for that.

Another  theme that's been lingering in my head is that of building a community. I'm sort of a privite kind of gal, but I think this notions is community is very important not only for networking and success, but for mental health and well being. I am even thinking that that's why humanity exists. I have no idea how to build a community. I usually follow those that are already built. For instance, I want to have a team of creatives that can do stuff together.  However, I am a memebr of some very fine communites; my Sunday school, and and theology book club. Maybe I can learn how to build a community too but I don't want to read another how-to book.

I took this one somewhere along I-70 on the way to Denver. Does this look like a gas station postcard or what? Actually, there's a 7/ll and Subway right outside this frame.


Deborah said...

Isn't your blog, and the people who follow it a community that you are building?? Community does not need to be physical. :)

yeminne said...

Hi Deborah-

Thank you for your comment. I guess I didn't think about the on-line community at the time I was writing.