Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little springy

I started two new things since my last post. I started reading a blog called Zen Habits and I started to take 30 minute walks in the morning.  
According to this blog, solitude is a key ingredient to creativity. I think I'm quite a loner myself, but still decided to walk around the hood for 30 minutes. The goal for me is not for calorie burn or even health, but just to free the mind and get away from distractions.
During my walk, I came across this little bundle of flowers growing out of a crack right in the middle of some one's driveway. It seemed hopeful and inspirational. Isn't it cute?
Aside from creativity, I like these walks because it just feels good.
I guess I'll find out if it helps with creativity or not.


Dorey Schmidt said...

Lovely. Zen is one of my favorite three-letter words.

yeminne said...

thank you Dorey. trying to be a little zen these days.