Monday, April 18, 2011


So, I think I'm in a creative rut; All my pending projects are out the way. While I finally got accepted as a istockphoto contributor, my latest submission got rejected. I'm still waiting for my video lights to get here. I discovered that using an off-camera flash is much more complicated than I thought and will require at least the same amount of time and effort it took for me to get camera basics. Feels overwhelming. I also need wireless triggers to use my flash and they cost over $300. I'm also tired of always figuring out everything by myself.

More importantly...

I ran out of ideas. Don't know what to shoot, be it still or motion.

I could whip-up another photoshoot, but I wanted to do something that is perhaps a bit more thought out.

I think I ought to do a light project. Maybe follow a theme?

Hopefully my rut will be an opportunity to try something new.