Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I signed up for Kelby Training

I signed up for Kelby Training today. $ 179/year. It's an online photography learning site. I became familiar with Scott Kelby when I first got my Canon 60 D a couple months ago. David du Chemin, a photographer that I am following recommended one of his books for beginners The Digital Photography Book 1. I really liked the book. It's easy to read, funny and informative. Then, I got his photoshop book for CS5. It was also easy to read, funny, and informative. Along the way, I subscribed to his blog and ordered The Digital Photography Book 2 & 3. Now, I signed up for his online training course and I already picked up a couple tricks that I can use for our upcoming senior shoot.
From what I can tell, Kelby training is a mini empire of photography. Scott seems to know everyone. He is also the head of Photoshop User Magazine. He also seems like a very personable guy and very sharp business person. Every Wed. his blog features a guest blog. Maybe I can be that guest one day!

I'm getting more and more hooked on photography than video even though video is why I bought my camera. I think I like the small crew environment and the instant gratification that comes with each shot.

Btw- my friend Orada is getting one of her plays professionally produced into a dance in Milwaukee. Congratulations Orada! I'm actually a little jealous.

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