Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amy's best CO pics (so far)

toy  village of Silverton, CO: f/16, 1/40, 55mm (applied miniature effect in canon 60d), iso 100

Opposite Ralph Lauren's Ranch near Telluride: f/18, 1/100,  11-16@ 16mm, iso 100
Aspen woods near Telluride: f/13, 1/100., 11-16@16, iso 100
 I haven't been bloggin this week because it felt like too much work during vacation.  Today, Norman and I are in Denver taking it a bit easy. Here are my favorite pictures from the trip so far. Actually, there are a couple more favorites. hehe.
I took the top picture in Silverton nestled deep in the mountains. It's a summer town, I learned, so most of the town was hibernating. The town looked like mr. Rodger's neighborhood. I tried applying the miniature effect from my camera to enhance the toy feeling. Sort of cute. Me thinks.
The second picture is from a famous scenic spot in the Telluride area. The B&B owner guy said that it's opposite Ralph Lauren's ranch and in the fall photographers  are all over the road with their tripods to get pictures there. I used my wide angle ( rental ) lens for this shot. This is really nothing compared to the real vista; in real life, the mountains look a lot more closer and go around almost 360 degree!! It was truly breathtaking.
Aspen woods was also near Ralph's ranch. I also used a wide angle lens for this. These trees are so beautiful.
The scenery here is so wonderful. I love traveling America.

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