Monday, March 14, 2011

Rocky Road

little guy: f/4.5, 1/60, 105mm
road to Durango: f/16, 1/160, 105mm

So, Norman and I are in Colorado!!! I must say, this is the all American experience!

It started off somewhat roughly. In Santa Rosa, NM Norman discovered that the tire had a nail in it and was slowly leaking. Thank god, we found a tire shop open on Sunday. The little guy in the first picture
came out and checked out me and my camera very inquisitively. His daddy worked at the shop. Every time I pointed the camera toward him, he would run to his daddy and then soon after turn his head toward me and check me out again.

We stayed at a place called Walsenburg last night and for the love of god I could not get my photoshop to work. Highly frustrating.  Today we were on highway 160 all day long, visited Great Sand Dune National Park, and settled in Durango. On the way, I dropped my rental polarizer filter(big sigh) and scratched it real good. MEGA SIGH.

Durango seems to be a grungy little ski town. Pretty cool, I must say.
Miraculously, photoshop is working here. I think it only works in select geographic locations.

I rented a super wide 11-16mm Tonika lens and polarizer from a website called LensProToGo.
So far, all my wide angle shots suck. Hope to improve more during this trip.

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