Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day of stories

The Road Less Travelled By event at LHUCA. We were told Lubbock is the biggest turn out in term of crowd.

I went to two community gatherings. One was a meeting with Women in Communication Lubbock and the other was a unique gathering with the GLBT community in Lubbock. Both were camera related.
At the Women in Communication luncheon,  professional photographer Jerod Foster did a presentation on telling stories through pictures.  I get a little nervous when people talk about telling a story because, really, the expression is so overused. On the other hand, true, it is story that people relate to. This time, I really liked Jerod Foster's presentation, and thought his pictures were very engaging and interesting. He seemed like a really nice guy too.  His website is www.jerodfoster.com. I even went up and visited with him a little.Going to this meeting was something that I though I ought to do but never actually got around doing it up until now. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and there were already a couple people I knew.

In the evening, there was a town hall style meeting at the Charles Adams gallery at LHUCA.  There's a team of film students who are doing a walkumentary about gay rights. What a commitment! Tonight, they happen to be in Lubbock. Many poeple in the GLBT community were present and it felt good to be a participate in this rare event. Their website is  http://www.roadlesstravell

I feel like I did good today. I went out and pursured expanding my network a little and shared my presence.

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