Friday, March 25, 2011

My thoughts on Senior Portraits

From TinyWater Photography (
My friend Sally Kennedy took a huge leap in faith, and commissioned me to take senior portraits of her son Jackson. I'm really pumped and a little nervous about it. We shoot tomorrow.
So all week long, I've been doing location hunts, watching how to videos, and looking at thousands of
senior portraits.

In Korea where I grew up, there's no senior portraits. Just a photographer who came to shoot yearbook pictures. So, this idea of a senior portrait is sort of new to me.

Honestly, I think there are some pretty corny senior portraits out there. The ones that I don't care for, I found, are the ones in which the subjects don't look like themselves. Some girls just look ultra tarty. I'm not one who's against looking sexy by baring some skin and loading 5 coats of mascara, but you can sure do it with some class!

Since my research, I'm also discovering many photographers describing themselves as a master photographer. Is this funny or what? I think if you're a real master, you wont have to tell everyone that you are one.

Finding the Self of a person through the camera is a skill and talent. I found this image on google image search. I like the over exposed look and I like how natural this girl looks. I think this shoot involved strobes. Among the Lubbock senior portraits, I like this place the best. See for yourselves.

Will I be able to do a good job? Stay tuned for Jackson's pictures tomorrow.

Master Photographer Amy

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