Saturday, March 26, 2011

Senior shoot with Jackson & Sally

Handsome Jackson 

Jackson on Tree
What a day!
 Our crew was me, Jackson, Sally (Jackson's mom), and my friend / day helper Tammy and we trooped all over town.  I was pretty nervous about my first client shoot, but I think I got some decent pictures. On the other hand, I took over 500 pics and there were a lot more busts than keepers. More improvement is needed.

So here we have two very different styles. The top one is the more traditional senior style, and the bottom pic is a bit more experimental (Jackson said he likes climbing trees). I did some vignetting on the top one and put a crispy touch on the bottom one.  I want to do some research on different background effects that are popular among senior portraits so we can have some variety and keep with the trend.

Thanks Sally and Jackson for spending half a day posing, and Tammy for holding the reflector in the strong wind and never just standing around!


Sally said...

Love them and your technique! Can't wait to see more! Great Day!

yeminne said...

Thanks Sally! I'm working on 'em.