Friday, April 22, 2011


my clean desktop. doesn't is look nice?

My pictures would be better if ----

Chase Jarvis thew this idea on the table.  My answer to the blank is " if I had more focus."
Focus has been a huge problem for me since I got my great imac. It's so wonderful and fast to use, I'm here all the time. Back in the day when I knew no Internet, I  always read actual books all the time.
Norman has great focusing abilities. Maybe because he's not a product of the Internet generation ??
I see myself as a geranium that hasn't been deadheaded for a long time. If a geranium isn't deadheaded properly, all the energy leaks out to the various stems and makes it hard for the plant to blossom well.
Since all my energy goes to compulsively checking updates on facebook, yahoo mail, and NYT style section, I feel like I have hardly any energy left to be creative.

So I'm going on an information cleanse. I'll try to check my emails and facebook only 4 times a day.10:00, 2:00, 5:00, 9:00. I'm also going to clean out my work area and hard disc real good. I cleaned off my desktop today. Doesn't it look peaceful?

Then I'm going to focus in intervals; my plan is to do 40 minutes focus/ 20 min rest. I think I can do that.

Did I come up with all these great ideas on my own? No. You can down load a free pdf. at Zen called Focus. It had exactly the tips I needed.

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