Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I went with 60D

This might be a little longer than what I normally write.

Originally, I was plannnig to get a 7D because all the stellar reviews I've read in magazines and consumer reviews on B & H photo. However, a couple factors led me to purchase the 60D.

The biggest factor in my decision making was that neither 7D, nor 60D, nor the Rebel are full frame sensor cameras. Full frame sensors in Cannon start with the 5D MarkII which is $2499; out of my price range. I would have loved to have one of these full frame cameras if I could afford one because it is with these sensors that one can get that super rich cinematic look. So my reasoning was, if I have to get a cropped-frame one assuming that I would upgrade one day to a full frame camera, I might as well save some pennies getting the 60D which is about $700 less than the 7D but produces identical picture quality.

Next, I liked the fact that the 60D was not as heavy as the 7D. 7Ds have a much sturdier built because the body is made with magnesium alloy and it's supposed to be like a tank and completely weather proof. But that means it's also very heavy for a little lady like me. The 60D is made of polycarbonate plastic, but it doesn't feel plasticy at all. I suppose that people whith bigger hands than me would prefer the 7D. 7D does feel real solid in the hand.

Finally the flip screen of the 60D sealed the deal for me. I didn't put this into much consideration at first, but over and over again, I read how handy this feature is, especially for video people. I also read that this is the best LCD screen among all cannon SLRs.

I would have loved if the 60D used compact flash instead of an HD card. CF seems a little more sturdier and just cooler in general. I also would have loved if 60D had high def HDMI output like 7D instead of starndard def. output. Finally I would have loved if the 60D displayed 100% of the image in the viewfinder instead of 96%. That would have made this the perfect camera.

Still, I am so satisfied with my purchase, and with the lower cost of the camera, I was able to get a 24-100mm f/4 L series zoom lens. It seem to me the right choice since I can only afford one lense at this time.

Next is to figure out what buttons to push on this camera to get the picture I want.

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