Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cherry + Cyan

I'm seeing a lot of these colors lately. Cherry red + cyan.  My logo designer recently told me that cyan was looking really cool to him, and I didn't really get it because cyan seems to me the default color for excel spreadsheet cells. Now, all of a sudden I'm seeing it all over the place but coupled with cherry red and it's looking pretty cool. I'm thinking that this combination will be used on my up and comming website.

I finally took a self-portrait of myself and I like it. This is pretty much me, camera + fashion.
The little photox are from Kate Spade. I'm wearing the very same blouse.  Enjoy!
I added the cover of this month's GQ mag also featuring this color combination.

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Anonymous said...

I have a new pair of sunglasses. The left lens is cyan and the right one is cherry red. When I look through them, all distinctions between Republicans and Democrats disappear.