Monday, February 14, 2011

Cuty Grungy

 Three Cuties (before): f/2, 1/50

 Three Cuties (after): f/2, 1/50
 I've been meaning to try out this effect in photoshop as I've been reading about it a lot in photoblogs and forums. It's called the high contrast look and apperently made famous (or invented?) by photographer David Hill.
My wonderful photoshop book Adobe Photoshop cs5 for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby (highly recommended!!) has a demonstration on how to do it, and I've been searching for the right picture to apply the effect.  Then, I came across this picture: Granpa Norm's super uber cute grand kids who played with me this past summer in PA. I love love how this effect worked on this picture. The item that looks like a cannon is just that, a mini antique cannon. Nora on the far left is holding a light-saber. Just to clarify, these kids are very well behaved and not militant at all. Are they cute or what?

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