Monday, February 7, 2011

File Organization

Harley Glam: f/4, ISO: 160,  24-105 @ 47 mm

Three Indian Bowls: f/5, ISO: 160,  24-105 @ 84 mm

Not a hugely interesting day.  I missed a rare opportunity to learn about photogaphing stage lighting at Tech Theatre dept. due to forgetfulness.

Yesterday, I had set my mind to organize the thousands of photo files that were dumped into my hard drive today. My picture files were accumulating at a fast rate (maybe 30-100/day), but not in an orderly fashion and it was beginning to create problems such as:

  • eating up hard-drive space
  • taking forever to locate a file and find a picture
  • confusions created by saving duplicate photos in various formats and sizes

I deleted 1300 pictures today, but have still not figured out a system to make work flow efficient. This is something that is different from video. In digital video editing, the hierarchy of the folders is more of a concern than work flow. I am beginnig to understand why photographers use Adobe Lightroom. I see myself using Lightroom in the future, but I'm sick of reading yet another how-to book, and I don't have any money, and Lightroom won't solve all my storage problems, so I'm gonna pass for now.

These pictues are those I didn't get a chance to post  found burried in the jumble of files. I'm getting pretty good at taking bowl pictures. Again, if you're interested, the bowls are for sale for $30.

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Anonymous said...

Red time vs. green time. For a farmer, green time is planting, plowing, harvesting, etc. Red time is spent on maintenance tasks like fixing equipment. Green time results in production and so seems much more rewarding. But if those red-time tasks aren't taken care of, green-time production starts to suffer. Good for you for spending a day of red time!