Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video Making is *&%^&^ Expensive

I decided to take a break from researching lighting kit options and work on my blog.  I've been extensively researching LED lighting kits (new the buzzword in the video lighting world) for my video work these past couple days. As I read the forums on DV, I see that many--mostly males from what I'm seeing--get a real high discussing and buying gear.  For me, gear talk and research not much fun and almost feel like a waste of time, but I'm on a budget and need lights so I do it as a have to.

My budget for an "inexpensive, bare bone" lighting kit was $1000 originally. Now, of course, it's looking like it's pushing $2000. For those of you who are not familiar with video and film making this might sound like a lot, but within the filmmaking community I am fully sensing that $100 is like a buck and $1000 is like ten bucks.

Anyway, the outfit that I'm thinking about patronizing is CoolLights and thier stuff is quite popular among filmmakers. I think I will get the LED 600 flood + LED 600 spot + LED 256 spot + softbox kit + batteries. Believe it or not, batteries consists of 20% of the expense. And, this is just a mere beginning of all the things I need to make a decent video.

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