Monday, February 28, 2011

From the Streets of Santa Fe (part one)

Bevy: f/4, iso 125, 24-105 @ 95,  1/80

Blanket: f/5, iso 100, 24-105 @ 73,  1/100

Peppers: f/6.3 (?) , iso 100, 24-105@80, 1/125

Half Norm: f/4, iso 400, 24-105@88, 1/80

I belong to a theology discussion group. We planned this retreat to Glorieta probably 6th moths ago and I  was ready for some time outside Lubbock.  For those like me who are not familar with Glorieta; Glorieta  is a gigantic conference ground for churches and been around forever.

Fri/Sat: The retreat was pretty intense (in a wonderful way) and I was  incredibly wiped out afterwards. I regret that I don't have any pictures of our tea time at the St. Francis Hotel. Regret. Didn't have my cam. I wish I got a good shot of our waitress. She was very beautiful and polite, and the light situation in the hotel was ideal. Gigantic windows.  

Sun:  Norm and I went back into Santa Fe so I could take some pictures. I was very excited to try the new monopod. Truly loved the monopod and also just being there.  

I took the first picture just off the main square. I was totally unprepared when this gaggle of gals were strutting my way but made a quick move and got this. Note their expressions. I later encountered them again at the Blue Corn Cafe.  I am discovering that f/4 is always too open for direct daylight. 

The blanket picture is from the jewelry vendors on the North side of the square. More on this area to come. Great colors. 

I thought the pepper light thing looked very Santa Fe. This is a door of a Xmas shop. I am now wondering if I could have shot this from the side and got more of the show window and the stretch of the sidewalk. 

The final picture is Norman in a cool bookstore whose name I can't remember. Santa Fe has so many great colors.

Tomorrow, I'll post some fashion shots. It's all about the fabric in Santa Fe. 

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