Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Be or Not to Be Stocked (An update)

^ ABOVE: my first 3 submissions to istockphoto

^ ABOVE: My second round of  submissions to istockphoto
I've been interested in pursuing stock photography work although from what I've read it's become increasingly competitive. I spent a good part of today fidgeting with my best "keeper" photos--most of which have been seen here, preparing them for the istockphoto judges. They strictly judge your work per their manual and only except highly professional quality.
About a month ago I submitted the top three pictures. They got back and told me my submissions were okay but they wanted to see if I was capable of producing a variety of styles besides macro. So, this time I submitted the bottom three. I will be so happy if these get excepted. I've heard a lot of rejection stories.  It would be good to make a couple of pennies too, but for now the acknowledgment would do. It took about a week for them to get back last time. So, I'll report that here.
I'd love to hear your opinions or experiences.
Can't wait to go to Glorieta tomorrow!

I'm thinking about moving my blog to Wordpress. I'd like to hear some opinions about that.

Well, istockphoto got right back this time, and approved (!!)#1 (two college girls) and #3 (pure agony).
Brooke holding the balloons was rejected due to too much photoshop. I'm so proud of myself. 2 1/2 months since getting my camera and some more approval. I need to get one more approved to complete the application process. Truly, I must get someting in Santa Fe. 


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