Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Short Contemplation about Portrait

Brooke on Bridge : f/6.3, iso 100, 25-105@105, 1/100

Brooke face outdoor: f/7.1, iso 100, 25-105@80, 1/100

So, this might be the final picture I share form this photo session. Here's a little what not to do:
not good to cut joints off your model. I did not notice this at the time, and actually just discovered it now.
I raised the color temp a little bit to give this portriat a warm or Western kind o feel.
David du Chemin, a photographer who I respect, just posted a blog on portrait shooting titled Portriat: Waiting for the Soul and cited patience and interest in people as the greatest traits for portrait photographers. Something to consider.You can read it here, as well as appreciate some amazing photographs of his.

btw 1: This location is a park on MLK blvd. & 19th (Lubbock, TX)
btw 2: Out of the blue yesterday, Norman whipped out a Gitzo GM 2341  monopod from underneath the couch. It's aluminum. He said he thought I needed one. Thank you Norman!

I'm completely wiped out from my free boxing class, so I'll say good night and good luck.

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