Monday, February 21, 2011

Style Photoshoot Part 2

TTU: f/11, 1/100. iso 100, 24-105@95

TTU: f/11, 1/100. iso 100, 24-105@105

Morgan at Angle: f/7.1, 1/1000, iso 160, 24-105@55 (sutter priority)
Hair Fun: f/4, 1/1250, iso 250, 24-105@45 (sutter priority)

A couple more fun pics.
Technique wise, I should figure out how to solve highlights and grain.
I thought the Hair Fun picture is fun, but it sure looks grainy. Does high sutter speed introduce more noise?? Out door shooting is much more difficult than indoor portrait, at least for me. But I guess it would depend on what one is trying to do.

*** Big leap in topic***
I want to blog more about video, but the nature of the video making process does not seem to lend well to daily blogging. I spend a lot more time with video making and I want to get really good at it!
I will try to include one thing I learn about video making each day and see if that leads to anything. If you're not into video making, you will save your time by skipping this part.
So I will start by saying that I leaned about a company called Automatic Duck  that makes software by which one can jump back and forth from Final Cut Pro to Affter Effects.

Btw- I now jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Please join me on twitter @amykimpix if you wish!

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