Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's next?

I'm getting things wrapped up with the senior photo shoot. My client Sally asked me for some business cards and that made me very happy but I only have my old cards. And the reason for that is I want to put my website (not blog) url on the card, and my website isn't ready yet. So, those are two things I want to do next. Also today I got an email from Texas Tech Univ. about another possible video job making an instructional tutorial. At this point, it is just a possiblity so I'll just have to wait and see.

This weekend, I planned a fun photoshoot with my Chinese friend Cici. I still don't have a clear concept at this time and it is sort of getting on my nerves. After Cici's shoot, I think I'll I'm going to stop and think,  before I schedule another shoot. What are my long term plans?  What kind of life and career do I want to create for myself?  How can I include others into my journey?


Sally said...

Love the sky in this one. Did Jackson give you any smiles? Also, this new blog font is harder to read for older eyes like mine! Good luck on your weekend shoot!

yeminne said...

All of Jackson's smiles are sort of subtle. maybe i should have danced or do something funny to make him laugh more. font is back to verdana.