Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photoshoot with Cici

f/4, iso 200, 1/160, 24-105@88
I did my photo shoot with my Chinese friend Cici yesterday. I must say, Cici is a natural model. She offered so many wonderful poses, it made my shooting experience very enjoyable. She looks like a doll, but she is also very smart doing her post-doc at TTU biology dept.
I love this picture, probably one of my best shots. Tack sharp and nicely composed.  I used window light, an LED mini light, and a reflector in my humble bedroom.
I also love the style concept here; modern Asian with a vintage twist. The camera here is Norman's dad's
8mm Bolex.
I submitted this one to istockphoto and they snapped it up right away. They got back to me in 2 hours and told me that I qualify as a contributor. Hahaha! I'm going to treat myself with buying new reflectors.
Anyways, there are more to come.


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